Nov 14

Over 1,200,000 members have joined Sincerely – and we’re launching a new gift app!

Today we are excited to announce that over 1.2 million members have now joined the Sincerely network.  Our members usually join by using their first Sincerely app or receiving a card from a friend – maybe they received an Ink card for the holidays, or maybe they sent a card from Frametastic – one of our over 60 partner apps, or maybe they had their picture taken at ComicCon with Postagram Engage and received a Postagram in the mail from Hyundai.  Either way, now over 1.2M members have joined the Sincerely network and are sending cards to friends, family & other Sincerely members.  In fact, our members have now sent cards to over 800k unique addresses.  And they have plans to send to even to even more – our users have added over 1.6M addresses to their collective address books.

We are excited about the growth of our network and about the growing number of cards our users are sending.   We will continue to invest in making Postagram, Ink and our partner apps the best card sending apps on your phone. But 2 years ago when we started Sincerely, we knew we weren’t going to stop at cards. Cards just happen to be the simplest gift – a great place to start.

We are building Sincerely into the world’s largest gifting network. In fact, we believe it already is.  No other company has taken on the singular focus of building a network that makes it easy to connect with friends & family and easily send them thoughtful gifts by mail.

Sesame GiftsAnnouncing Sesame – our upcoming gift app
Today we are also announcing our first gift app Sesame.  Sesame will be available in the app store just in time for this holiday season and will make sending a beautiful gift from your phone as easy as we’ve made sending a Postagram.  Sign up here to get a sneak peak at the beautiful Sesame packaging and be the first to find out when we launch.

Sincerely’s mission is to help the world be more thoughtful.  Thank you to our 1.2 million members for supporting this important and ambitious goal!

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