Oct 4

The Sincerest form of flattery

Today Apple just announced Cards – a new app that will allow users to create and send real physical cards from their iphone. Sound familiar?

It wasn’t completely unexpected that Apple could do this some day. They already offer a similar service within iPhoto. And yet even then, they still don’t dominate the market. They are also far from offering the best experience.

Why? Because this isn’t what Apple does. This is what we do. Apple is in the hardware and operating system business. We are in the gifting business. Sincerely’s goal as a company is to make it easy for our users to send simple, thoughtful gifts from their mobile phone.

To that end, this announcement from Apple only serves to add further focus to our mission at Sincerely and additional focus on our users.

We want to hear from you our users. How can we make Postagram better? What can we offer in future products and future Sincerely services that will enable you to wow your friends and family with thoughtfulness?

And to our developers on the Sincerely Ship platform? How can we make Ship better? How can we better enable you to offer an amazing digital to real world gifting experience within your products?

We are easy to reach. Contact us at anytime at team@sincerely.com or on twitter @sincerely

We will have a little announcement of our own in a few weeks, which we are looking forward to sharing with you. Keep an eye out for much more to come from the Sincerely Squad.

p.s. while writing this post I got a phone call from a tech reporter who wanted my thoughts on the Apple announcement. One minute into that discussion my iPhone dropped the called. If anyone from Apple is reading this 1. thanks for noticing our team’s superb work on Postagram 2. please don’t lose focus on making sure my phone functions as a phone.

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16 thoughts on “The Sincerest form of flattery

  1. i LOVE the $0.99 price, and the pop out photos. if you get into other products or bigger prints…i’ll still be supporting. apple can’t just go and replace every single app in the app store!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE postagrams and so does everyone i send them to!!! You guys are fantastic and you can’t beat the price!!!Thanks!

  3. I love my Mac computers. I also love the photo books that Apple has made for me. I haven’t used their card services yet because my heart belongs to Shutterfly in that category. As to postcards, Postagram is my current love, but if Apple releases a postcard version for their new Card app, I will definitely give it a try. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t. Still, I hope Postagram/Sincerely keeps improving/adding things as time moves forward. I tend to be loyal to a company if they keep evolving. I’d like to think that Postagram/Sincerely is such a company.

  4. @pacificYo thanks for being an awesome customer@Colleen we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you!@janettwokay – we promise to keep evolving and improving. We can’t wait to have you try all the great stuff we have planned over the next few months!

  5. Postagram is not available outside the US, correct? I looked and didn’t find it in the UK App store. But Popbooth is.

  6. The reality of this announcment is that postogram is going to suffer severely. Its pretty inevitable which is a shame. People are going to assume that Apple will be the best at this as it is their ‘own creation’. Also the fact that you can send cards free from device to device will increase awareness of Apple version.

  7. I’ve used Postagram from the website and love it. But the Postagram app still isn’t available outside the US (I live in Australia). You don’t need to make it better, just make it available so that we (the rest of the world) don’t get suckered in to thinking the Apple Cards app is the best (re: only) option out there. …please.

  8. I am a big fan of Postagram. The price is great and the pop-out photos are awesome. It could use a little design love, like having the text span the card like a real postcard (since the characters are limited, perhaps make the text larger?). It would also be cool if you could choose formats, for instance either “pop-out” photos or a full sided card (photo on one side, message and address on the other). I dont’ think one is greater than the other, but options are always nice. Either way, I plan on sticking with Postagram and wish you all luck with this new challenge!

  9. I love the app, so simple and easy to use, I just wish I could save cards in the app and come back to edit them later, cause sometimes I decide to edit a photo but lose everything I just typed. THANKS FOR AN AMAZING AND FUN PRODUCT!

  10. Ooooh! I’m that kid jumping up and down raising my hand! We’ve got that design *love* ready to go in spades. We’re a bunch of designers who function as an outsourced art dept. Bonus? We mostly come from cards and stationery backgrounds.

  11. Never heard of you guys until today but will use you in the future just because companies like yours that are built off blood sweat and tears are ones I like to deal with because you get a better experience.

  12. I use this App all the time. I say wait for Apples product to come out then lets see what can be done to improve, if necessary this wonderful product. One thing I do know is Apple’s Cards will cost $1.99 and be kind of fancy. If you can keep your product at $0.99 and simple. Then you should have no problem not competing with, but sharing services with Apple or anybody who come up with a similar product. Know your market. Know your customer. Keep your product simple and focused. And if that fails sue somebody.